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April Athlete of the Month!

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The April Athlete of the Month is Patrick Willet. Patrick is an extremely hard worker and has truly achieved some amazing progress both before starting with us and continues to do so at WCCF over the last several months. His dedication and commitment to his health is an example everyone can follow. Continue reading below to find out more about Patrick.


How long have you been at Willow Creek CrossFit and what made you want to join? 

Joined in December of 2018 so about 4 months.  Moved to Iowa City in October and needed to switch up my fitness routine as i was getting burned out at a traditional gym. Was looking for a new way to challenge myself and continue to grow.  Talked with a coworker that does CrossFit and decided to give it a try and haven’t looked back since.

How is your life different after being a member at Willow Creek CrossFit? 

Gaining confidence in my fitness and being able to fight through mental barriers that hold me back when I get later into a high intensity workout.

Whats your favorite part about the gym or a favorite moment? 

My favorite part of the gym is the relationships that have formed and how everyone cheers and pushes each other on.  Favorite moment would be completing my first open.

What’s your spirit animal?

 I have to say my cat Zelda…I wish I could nap all day and have the same hyper kitten energy.

What are your interests outside of work and the gym? 

I’m a big fan of anything that has to do with the water.  I grew up fishing, boating, swimming, and hanging at the lake or by pools.  Come summertime I plan to spend most my weekends up in Okoboji. During the winter i try to travel to different ski areas around the Midwest.  Also a huge gamer although i dont have as much time as id like to be able to play.

What has been your favorite workout/movement? 

I dont know if i have a favorite movement or work out but I’m definitely a fan of strict muscle type movements like pull ups, push ups, dead lift, and bench press.

Give us an interesting fact that we don’t already know about you.  

Played the Bass Clarinet all through High School and went to Hawaii for a Band trip.

Thank you Patrick!!