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Constantly Pursuing…

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What is it that drives you?

Is it the little voice inside your head that tells you to keep going? Is it the relentless act of wanting more? Is it success? Is it money? What is it??? I’m sure you all have something in mind and I know you are willing to sacrifice the more non-essential commodities in life to achieve what you desire.

I’d like to share something with you I read in an article yesterday. This wasn’t the first time that I read it but this time something was different. Something stuck out this time, something that I didn’t recognize the last time I read the article..

I read ‘Pursuit of Excellence, with Greg Glassman‘ and in this article he talked about the success of an affiliated CrossFit gym. Greg said, “You don’t have to worry about money because you can keep pursuing excellence.” What he’s saying is that it doesn’t matter whether you are an affiliate owner, a college student, or you stock shelves at the local grocery store. If you keep pursuing excellence in everything that you do, the promotions will come, the money will come in time. He then says, “You are the brand.” You are what sells, not the company you work for, not your job title but more accurately, who you are!? Who are you?

Are you the employee that stays late, not just because you have to, but because you know the jobs not done to the standards of that which you up hold? Are you the next in line for a big promotion, but you don’t take it because you have bigger plans? Whoever you are, whatever it is you that you do, seek perfection, seek the ability to pursue excellence in every way. Be what sells, be you, be bold and be excellent!!!

Matt Christenson