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Finding Your Personal Values

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Take a deep breath and close your eyes. The time is many, many years from now. What does your future self look like? What are you proud of? What did you accomplish? Use this ideal future to help you set your current values.

Why are values important?

*Helps guide our decision making

*Informs our thoughts and actions

*Creates daily intentions

*Motivates us

*Allows for more clearly defined short and long term goals based on our values

What are values though? Let‘s define them as standards of behavior and meaningful beliefs.

Values can be personal (i.e. creativity, physical health), with relationships ( support), societal (i.e. sustainability, environmental), etc. There are no right or wrong answers, just make sure the values you choose have a personal meaning to you as an individual.

Let’s also be mindful that when we grow and change throughout life, our values may change as well. It‘s important to occasionally check in with ourselves to make sure the goals we set are still in line with the things we value. Don’t be afraid to make a change!

Take-Home Challenge: Write down 5 important values in your life. Next to these 5 values, write down ways you can practice these values on a daily basis. For example, I value my physical health daily through staying hydrated and moving my body.