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How to Read the White Board and Should You RX

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I believe that there is a skill in reading the white board and as with most skills it takes time to develop. It’s a skill because every time you read the WOD you need to be able to apply it to yourself and your abilities. You have to learn to analyze how you feel that day and adjust accordingly.
I want to provide a step by step guide to analyzing the white board that you can use every time you look at it. This will help you in deciding if you can go RX or how you should scale for the day.

  1. Read the workout in its entirety
  2. Take note of the Buy In and how it might affect you for the WOD (If there is one)
  3. Look at times from previous classes and find the average (that’s what you should aim for)
  4. Look at the movements to see if you have reached the skill level required and for that amount of repetitions. If not then ask the coach for a scaled version of the movement
  5. Look at the RX’ed weight and decide if it’s right for you. To do this look at the total amount of reps within the workout. You should also note the other movements and how they may fatigue you relative to each other. (This is the hardest one. When in doubt ask a coach)

I also want you to recognize that you don’t live your life in a vacuum. Everything effects everything. For example; Say you only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. You feel tired and slow. Don’t expect to be able to go RX that day. There is no sense in beating yourself down even further. Another example; you’ve been to the gym 4 days in a row and have Rx’ed every day. The weight feels heavy on the 5th day and you don’t know what’s up, you should be able to do it. You might have been able to RX that WOD on the 1st day but you just haven’t recovered! Back off a bit and go lighter. IT’S OKAY!