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March Athlete of the Month

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The March Athlete of the Month is Tracy Moore! Find out more about her below.
I joined in September so I have been a member for about 4 months. I was new to Iowa City and looking for a new gym. I happened to ride my bike past the gym when the garage door was open and it caught my attention. I had been interested in trying CrossFit for a while and figured this was a good time to jump in!
I’m proud that I have been consistent in attending classes. I am definitely getting stronger, which helps me with doing races and other activities.
My favorite part about the gym is that I have gotten to know so many different people. The community atmosphere is great and is a big reason why I enjoy coming to the classes. Everyone is so supportive! I also like that I still get to use some of my gymnastics skills in the workouts.
Outside of the gym I am a teacher for the ICCSD which takes up a lot of my time, but I also really enjoy traveling when I can.
I enjoy doing the longer workouts that test my endurance. It has also been rewarding to see how my technique has improved with the various weightlifting movements. My least favorite is anything involving the bike…
Interesting fact: I have run two Chicago Marathons, along with many other half marathons and obstacle course races. I’m excited to see how my strength has improved for future races!