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Warm Ups and YOU

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We have instituted a little bit of structure into your pre-class preparation. The coaches at CFWC would like to briefly cover why warming up is so important and how we are going to think about setting up the pre-class structured warm ups.

Why is warming up so important? Well, simply put it is incredibly beneficial to increase core temperature in order to increase blood flow. Generally speaking we live rather sedentary lives and when we walk into the gym we are “cold” so warming up is akin to starting your car and letting the defrost get some work done before you head off to work on a cold winter morning in Iowa. Increasing core temperature as well as systemic blood pressure helps deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and most importantly helps prevent injury.

The structure of a good warmup is generally doing some type of steady state activity like jogging, jumping rope, biking, or rowing followed by more sport or workout specific movements. These tasks are relatively simple and when done for a few minutes serve to start lubricating are joints, increasing our heart rate and preparing ourselves for movements to be performed during a workout. Since the sport of Crossfit is “constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity” we will stick to the prescription of constantly varied, functional movements but the warmup is not necessarily the place to incorporate high intensity so we’ll save that for the workout itself.

We will be formulating two structured warm ups for CFWC each week and if you get to class a bit early you can jump right in to these. Videos will be posted online to refer to and coaches will always be willing to answer questions. They will generally be structured under the general formula I have described. An example would be something like this:

Row 500m

3 Rounds-
10 Steps forward walking lunge/10 steps backward walking lunge
15 Sec of Handstand Hold
5 Inch Worms
20 sec/side Pigeon Pose

Good warmups, much like Crossfit workouts, can be formulated utilizing variance. In the example above you get some steady state aerobic activity, 3 exercises that promote stability and warming the body into the range of motion you already possess, and one exercise/stretch that promotes increasing range of motion (which can be done safely prior to a workout). Incorporating fundamental exercises allows us to do some simple movements that still have validity but may not show up in your typical metcon or strength workout. Generally, speaking the movements that we do in the warm up are not highly technical, but they will do wonders for getting you primed for the workout. Our goal with structured pre-class warmups is to give some direction, get you moving, work on weakness/movements that will be seen during the week, work on range of motion, and most importantly to keep you from getting injured.

By all means continue to socialize and vent the stresses of your day during the pre-class period. This is encouraged, but we want you to be productive as well! SO GET MOVING. If you have a few bits and pieces to incorporate into your warmup by all means go ahead. This is not Communist Russia. That being said we thought we would help you out and get the ball rolling! Honestly, warming up properly is very beneficial and it will help improve you workouts. We will still be incorporating group warmups during class, but you having your engine turned on and the defroster running when the class starts will help us get into the workouts quicker so we can spend more time shooting for PRs.

Stay Warm!
Dave Hagerty

P.S- Starting next week we will have Warm Up videos showing all movements for that week and a few things to think about! Check it out on our YouTube page here: